We Care...

...for 1,200 children in our seven Manhattan Youth After-School Programs in Lower Manhattan public schools, offering nearly 100 different activities that strengthen minds and bodies, foster creativity and spur personal growth. We also care for hundreds more in our full-day summertime Downtown Day Camps.

In 1991, we began providing assistance to help working families secure quality childcare regardless of their ability to pay. We have never turned away a child due to a family's inability to pay.

This year, we will provide nearly $400,000 to ensure children and families can have access to quality after-school and summer camp childcare, plus $200,000 in free after-school programming and another $300,000 in free programming for Seniors and others.

We need your help!

The assistance we provide is critically important, especially to many families and children in our community. We care for those in need, and we need your caring generosity to continue our work.

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Click above to see a chart showing our assistance to families in need and our costs for free programming