After-School Classes at the Downtown Community Center

Our after-school program at the Downtown Community Center offers options for children to participate in the highest quality after-school activities available anywhere.

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Parents whose children who do not attend one of the downtown public schools but need childcare in addition to enrichment activities may enroll in our after-school program at the Downtown Community Center, 120 Warren Street, adjacent to PS 234. Parents arrange drop-off for their children at the Community Center, where they participate in many of our most popular after-school activities (see the list below). In addition to the selected daily activity, each child has a chance to complete homework assignments and play games with friends. The program runs through 5:50 PM every day.

Kindergarten-1st Grade 2nd-3rd Grade 4th-5th Grade
Ceramics: Handbuilding Cirque du Tribeque I Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel
Cooking Claymation: Stop-Motion Animation CGI: Animation & Special FX
Swimming Lessons On Camera Acting Cirque du Tribeque II
  Swimming Lessons Cooking
  Things that Go: Gears, Wheels & Power Sit-Com Production
  Swimming Lessons
  Things that Go: Power, Speed & Flight
    Video Game Design
Ceramics: Handbuilding Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel
Cooking CGI: Animation CGI: Animation & Special FX
Green Science: Energy, Ecology & the Environment Contemporary Dance Contemporary Dance
Fiber Arts: Intro to Sewing Cooking
Spanish (Native Speakers) Glee Club Pop/Rock Glee Club
Swimming Lessons Green Design: Architecture & Engineering Sewing: Garments & Accessories
  Spanish (Native Speakers) Spanish (Native Speakers)
  Swimming Lessons Swimming Lessons
Ballet Ballet Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel
Music Making Workshop Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel Chemistry Lab
Swimming Lessons CGI: Animation Cooking
  Chemistry Lab Filmmaking
  Music Making Workshop Photography & Screen Printing
  Silk Screen & Printing Spa Science
  Spa Science Swimming Lessons
  Swimming Lessons Video Game Design
Art: Printing, Pressing, Stamping Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel Art: Portfolio Prep
Musical Theater Circuits & Electronics Ceramics: Handbuilding & Pottery Wheel
Science: Animals, Past & Present Cooking Coding & Minecraft
Spanish (Beginners) Hip Hop Dance Hip Hop Dance
Swimming Lessons Musical Theater Spanish (Beginners)
  Spanish (Beginners) Swimming Lessons
  Swimming Lessons  
  Zoology & Marine Biology  
Cooking Fashion Design & Illustration I Cooking
Creative Dance Music Video Production Fashion Design & Illustration II
Swimming Lessons Swimming Lessons LEGO Robotics
Tae Kwon Do Tae Kwon Do  Music Video Production
  Swimming Lessons
  Tae Kwon Do