PS 397 After-School Activities


The Manhattan Youth After-School Program at the Spruce School is open every day from school dismissal until 5:50 PM. We start on September 7, 2018 and end on June 21, 2019. Parents can customize their after-school schedules, from one day to five days per week, one class to two classes per day, in any configuration. Manhattan Youth also runs full-day camps during summer vacation and school holidays (separate registration required).

WELCOME: At the end of the school day, classroom teachers dismiss all students registered for our program directly to our staff, who greet students with a smile. Students eat snack and socialize with friends, decompressing from the school day and gearing up for after-school.

SPORTS, ARTS AND ENRICHMENT CLASSES: We provide a wide variety of sports, arts, and enrichment activities for every age group. The classes that you select when enrolling your child in the program are taught by certified teachers, teaching artists, and activity specialists. After-School includes one Class and one Choice Time activity per day.

DOWNTOWN COMMUNITY CENTER: Enhance your child's schedule on Tuesday's and Thursday's by signing them up for classes at our Downtown Community Center. We offer swimming, cooking, ceramics, video game design, and so much more. Our school bus picks students up from the Spruce Street School at 3:15pm, and brings them back by 5:15-5:30pm. You also have the option of picking up your child from our Downtown Community Center.

HOMEWORK AND CHOICE TIME: Before classes, students are engaged in a variety of structured games led by our Group and Team leaders. After classes, students can choose from a list of structured and free play activities, led by our group leaders. Study Lab is also an option for students that are in 2nd through 5th grade Monday through Thursday.

The following is a  list of activities that we offer during "club time" as part of the after-school program at PS 397. To sign up for the program, please go to Registration.

Please direct any questions you may have to the PS 397 Site Director:
Noelle Safar
212.766.1104 x252 (office)
917.751.4972 (during program)