Other Ways to Give 

A gift to Manhattan Youth is a way for you and your loved ones to express your concern for the future of our community, your desire to help our community's children and families, and  your confidence in our ability to effectively identify and address our community's needs.

Some forms of giving may be more advantageous for you depending on the financial and life circumstances of you or your family, but every gift is a philanthropic act and is deeply appreciated.

You can begin planning your gift by contacting Jim Hopkins, Director of Development at 212-766-1104 ext. 232, or send Jim an e-mail.
Giving Other than Cash 
Donate stocks or bonds Donating appreciated stocks or bonds that you have held for at least one year will neutralize capital gains and provide you with an immediate income tax deduction for the full fair market value. Learn more
Donate tangible personal property Making a donation of real estate, collectibles, art work, or antiques will provide you with an income tax deduction based upon a verified appraisal that you provide. We reserve the right to accept or decline gifts including certain tangible property and gifts with certain restrictions, so please call us.
Making a Bequest 
 Make a simple bequest A bequest to Manhattan Youth in your will  provides you with an estate tax deduction and an opportunity to leave a meaningful legacy. Learn more
Make a large bequest with low cost Name Manhattan Youth beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Your gift will provide you with an estate tax deduction and an opportunity to leave a meaningful legacy.
Neutralize taxes on your retirement Naming Manhattan Youth beneficiary of your retirement plans provides an estate tax deduction for you and  support for Manhattan Youth.
Establishing a Trust 
Enjoy the benefits of a trust Build your charitable portfolio and Manhattan Youth's future with a charitable trust. It is among the most flexible ways to establish a gift for our future, while generating income for your financial security and that of your family. Learn more about trusts 
Create a hedge against inflation You can create a Charitable Remainder Unitrust that provides cash flow for you now, or beginning at a future date, and gives you a current income tax deduction. Learn more
Reduce taxes on assets you pass to your loved ones Creating a Charitable Lead Trust that pays income to Manhattan Youth for a specific term of years will give you an immediate tax deduction, and your loved ones will receive the trust assets at the expiration of the trust term. Learn more

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Establish a Legacy 

Establish a legacy with a permanently invested gift   in our Manhattan Youth endowment. Income is used for general purposes or to support a specific program or initiative you designate.

For certain forms of giving, it is important to establish a dialogue with us that may include your personal tax advisor or attorney. We also reserve the right to accept or decline gifts including some forms of tangible property and gifts with certain restrictions.

Please get in touch with Jim Hopkins at 212-766-1104 ext. 232 to discuss endowment giving or Send Jim an e-mail.