PS 276 After-School Activities

The following is a list of activities that we offer during "Club Time" as a featured part of the after-school program at PS 276. We offer a wide variety of sports, arts and enrichment activities, taught by certified teachers, teaching artists and activity specialists. Following "Clubs" each day, there is "Choice Time" which gives students the flexibility to choose whether they want to play outside, work on homework, or other activities like Arts and Crafts and Indoor Games. Along with Choice Time, there are also options like late Club classes or Study Hall.  You can also choose up to two activities at the Downtown Community Center, both Club Time class options and Choice Time. To sign up for the program, please go to Registration.

Please direct any questions you may have to the PS 276 Site Director:
Brad Lewis
212.766.1104 x226 (office)
646.592.1233 (during program)