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After-School Registration is no longer online. If your child is interested in joining after-school for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year, please email Kara Bhatti:

For information on after-school for the 2017-2018 school year, please check back soon!

1st Session (3:15 - 4:30) 2nd Session (4:30 - 5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Varsity Softball # Basketball Skills (Girls)
Varsity Girls and Boys Volleyball # JV Baseball A/B #
Top Chef  Top Chef
Pinteresting Art Yoga
Step Team Sculpey Clay Creation
Story Book Creation  
Chess Club  
1st Session (3:15 - 4:30) 2nd Session (4:30 - 5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Track and Field #@ Track and Field #@
Varsity Baseball # Varsity Softball #
CoEd Basketball Clinic  Volleyball Clinic
SHSAT Prep @ SHSAT Prep @
Science Medley Science Medley
Ceramics Baruch Dance Team
Advanced Orchestra Learn to Speak Mandarin
Math Counts Ceramics
Library Lab  
Double Dutch   
1st Session (3:15 - 4:30) 2nd Session (4:30 - 5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Track and Field #@ Track and Field #@
Tennis # Digital Illustration
Boys Volleyball # Photography
Library Lab Digital Music Production
Creative Writing/Storytelling MY Sketchbook
Digital Music Production Let's Make Magazines
Debate Team  
Art Smart  
Tournament Chess  
1st Session (3:15 - 4:30) 2nd Session (4:30 - 5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Varsity Baseball # Tennis #
Varsity Girls Volleyball # Soccer with Skip
JV Baseball A/B # Pinteresting Art
Advanced Glee Graphic Design 
Improv Filmmaking
Student Council Table Tennis
Watercolor Illustration Cosmetics
Digital Illustration  
Think Elephants  
1st Session (3:15 - 4:30) 2nd Session (4:30 - 5:45)
Soccer with Skip Ultimate Frisbee
Track and Field # King of the Court
Shaolin Kung Fu Architecture and Design
Foodie &  a Movie Foodie & a Movie
Anime and Manga @ Anime and Manga @
Believe It or Not Science Believe It or Not Science
Game Labs Game Labs
The Comic Book Project  
Art Portfolio Prep  

#: Require attendance for multiple days

@: Require attendance for both sessions (3:15-5:45)

Welcome to the spring after-school schedule at Simon Baruch! Registration for this session will open on Monday, March 13, and the new schedule starts on Monday, March 20. For information on which new classes we're offering as well as sports information, please read on:

Top Chef

In this interactive class, students will learn to apply their cooking skills in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Different teams will take every day recipes and make them their own by adding their own flair and flavor to favorite dishes. At the end the year, a panel of judges will rate these dishes in a cook-off event for friends and families.  

Double Dutch

In this new Baruch sport, students will learn basic Double Dutch skills like how to turn the rope, jump in and out of it, and basic jumping patterns. The team will then advance to learning Double Dutch tricks, chants, and different speed levels as they prepare for a showcase or competition. 

Creative Writing/Storytelling

Students will unleash their inner artist with this class that allows them to tap into their inner storyteller and poet. They will hone creative writing skills like character development and story design as they create their own short stories or spoken word poems to present.

Think Elephants

In partnership with Think Elephants International, an international animal rights organization, student conservationists will learn how elephants live and breed in the wild. For the finished project, the class will create a project focused on conservation or animal welfare.

Architecture and Design

This drawing class will take place mostly outside as students walk to a location, learn about its architecture, and sketch it. Students will expand their drawing skills and architectural knowledge.

Shaolin Kung fu

We are thrilled to partner with the New York Chinese Cultural Center to bring this most traditional form of Chinese martial arts to after-school! Under the tutelage of a Kung fu Master, students will advance through the forms of Kung fu as they learn discipline and self-control.


In this introductory language class, students will learn the basics of the Spanish alphabet and common words, eventually working up to sentence structure. The class will work towards students pairing off and having a simple conversation in Spanish.


Sports Tryouts

ALL Baseball tryouts (JV and Varsity): Tuesday March 7, 3pm with callbacks Wednesday March 8

Softball: Monday March 6, 3pm with callbacks Thursday March 9, 3pm

Tennis: Thursday March 9, 3pm

Girls Volleyball: Tuesday February 28 and Tuesday March 7, 7:30am - students must choose one

Boys Volleyball: Wednesday March 1 and Wednesday March 8, 7:30am - students must choose one


Expectations: This year, Track and Field will not hold tryouts but will take the first 60 students who register. Practice is three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays. All students on the team are expected to attend a minimum of two days a week. If a student misses more than two days unexcused, they will be cut from the team. Students who cannot commit to the double session should not attend.


MS104 Contact Information:

Matt Grant
Program Director
Manhattan Youth
C: 646-859-9116

Kara Bhatti
Assistant Director
Registration & Student Affairs
Simon Baruch Middle School

Mike Jones
Assistant Director
Athletics Director
Simon Baruch Middle School