IS276 After-School Activities

Battery Park City School, I.S. 276

Welcome and thank you for choosing Manhattan Youth Recreation at the Battery Park City School, IS 276. When joining our program your child will become a part of a safe community committed to providing robust, innovative programming enhancing social and academic skills. As we embark on this school year we look forward to the new friendships, projects and new interest our students will enjoy. Get ready for a year to remember!

2:45 - 3:15pm 1st Session 3:15-4:30 2nd Session 4:30-5:45 5:45-6:00pm
Snack Filmmaking  Creative Clay Dismissal
  Shakespeare Showcase Physical Fitness
  Recreational Table Tennis  Street Photography
  Debate  Girls Volleyball
  Track Girls: Field Track Boys: Field 
  Study Lab   
2:45 - 3:15pm 1st Session 3:15-4:30 2nd Session 4:30-5:45 5:45-6:00pm
Snack 276 Gives Back  Origami Dismissal
  Cooking (ATS) Outdoor Adventure*
  Study Lab Baseball (Frankie)
  Outdoor Adventure* Softball  (Jon/Bucci)
  Baseball (Frankie)  
  Softball (Jon/Bucci)  
2:45 - 3:15pm 1st Session 3:15-4:30 2nd Session 4:30-5:45 5:45-6:00pm
Snack Dance: Street Jazz (Dasia) Skateboarding Dismissal
  LEGO Robotics (Ethan) Python Coding
  Study Lab Improv (Dana)
  Track:Running (Dana) Boys Volleyball
  Art Portfolio (Maria)  
2:45 - 3:15pm 1st Session 3:15-4:30 2nd Session 4:30-5:45 5:45-6:00pm
Snack MATH Fun (Nat) Gardening Dismissal
  Creative Writing (Rosemary) Yoga + You
  Shakespeare Showcase* Shakespeare Showcase*
  Baseball (Frankie) Baseball
  Softball (Jon/Bucci) Softball
  Study Lab  
2:45 - 3:15pm 1st Session 3:15-4:30 2nd Session 4:30-5:45 5:45-6:00pm
Snack Chess Boys/Girls Volleyball  Dismissal
  DIY Club Game Lounge 
  Recreational Ultimate Frisbee Movie Time*
Movie Time* Yard Games


Attendance is very important to our program. When absent your child misses out on an educational, fun and exciting experience. While we do not charge for programming, we do require some responsibility from our families enrolled in program and that is their year around commitment. However, in the event that your child will be absent please notify Program Director, Kim Arango in advance at or 917-565-7249. Please be aware that excessive absences can potentially lead to your child/ren being withdrawn from our program for the remainder of the year.

Daily Schedule

Students must be check in to after-school no later than 3:05 pm for each day they are enrolled in program; they have 20 minutes to gather their things or go to the store for a quick snack before after-school begins.  Those who do not check in with an after-school staff member by this time will  not be permitted in the school building.  FREE snack is provided in the cafeteria from 2:40-3:00 pm, giving students enough time to eat and socialize before their after-school activities begin.  Early clubs run from 3:15-4:30 pm and late clubs run from 4:30-5:45 pm, with some exceptions.  

If a student wishes to change his/her schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian to the Program Director.

Students must report directly to Manhattan Youth staff in our designated meeting area at the end of each school day. To ensure the safety and accountability of all of our students, they will not be permitted to exit the building after school. Any student that exits the building will not be permitted to attend the program for that day and it will be considered absent for the day.


Spring registration will begin on February 21st, 2019 at 12.

To Register for Spring 2019 click here! 

However, if you will like to get a head start on the process, please fill out this packet. In order for your child to participate in any of our Manhattan Youth programs the application must be completed in its entirety and accompanied with an up to date completed medical form. Once you're done, these forms can be emailed back to the Program Director. NO PICTURES ALLOWED. Please note that if sections of the packet are left blank, the forms will be rejected and your child's spot in after school will not be guaranteed.

*Your child cannot attend program until the registration application and medical form is returned.*

Kim Arango
Manhattan Youth
Program Director