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2018 Registration for our February Winter Film Intensive will open November 20th 2017.
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2018 Winter Film Intensive Schedule:
Tuesday, February 20th  9am-3pm
Wednesday, February 21st 9am-3pm
Thursday, February 22nd 9am-3pm
Friday, February 23rd 9am-3pm

Friday, February 23rd at 3pm

IS 289, Hudson River School
201 Warren St. NY, NY 10282

2017 Spring Film Intensive click here to view films:

2017 February Film Intensive click here to view films:

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Below is a small sample of our Middle School After-School students' films. Click here to see more fantastic MY movies.

Signing Sounds
Tragedy often has a way of reminding us what is truly important.

Will this middle school student's embarrassing mistake on the first day of school ruin her social life for ever?

What would you do if you could hear everyone's negative thoughts?

Secret Self
A middle school student struggles to change his entire personality in order to fit in. Will he realize that things are not always what they seem? Does everyone have a secret self?

The Bank
In this parody of office mockumentaries, a group of vampires runs a blood bank... into the ground.


Spring Break Film Camp -- The Making of...
A behind the scenes look at middle school filmmakers' process. Interviews conducted, filmed and edited by elementary school students in our filmmaking program.