Infant, Toddler & Pre-K Swim Lessons

In addition to our Infant, Toddler and Pre-K swim classes listed below, we offer Family Swim sessions every day of the week as part of our Family Membership. For young children we encourage a combination of structured swimming classes and play time in the water, and consistent exposure to the water leads to happy, successful swimmers.

Bubble Babies - 6 Months to 2 Years with Parent/Guardian 
This drop-in class helps new swimmers become comfortable in and around the water. Songs and games introduce beginner swim skills (such as kicking, splashing, and blowing bubbles) and create a fun, positive experience for young children in the pool.
Bubble Babies classes are drop-in and included in Membership to the Community Center.
Begin2Swim - 18 months to 3 Years with Parent/Guardian
These beginner swim lessons offer more personal instruction and a progressive curriculum for children who are ready to take the plunge! Along with increased comfort in the water, children learn safety skills, breath control, proper body position, and basic arm and leg movements. Through a more structured class setting, swimmers begin to independently follow the lead of the instructor. After completion of the Begin2Swim program, swimmers may be ready to move up to the first level of our Pre-K Swim Lessons.
Pre-K Swim Lessons - 3 to 5 Years
Our small-group lessons promote safety, fun, and friendship. We love incorporating a social aspect into swimming - an activity that is often thought of as an individual sport. The result is an environment where children encourage, support, and learn from one another (and simply have a blast swimming!)

Our Pre-K classes have only 3-4 children per instructor, and swimmers are placed into groups based on age and ability.

Contact our Aquatics office at 212-766-1104 x298 or e-mail for additional information.        

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