Spotlight On: Isaac, Front Desk

Isaac is a newbie at Manhattan Youth. However, he’s already bonded with some of the kids.

“They get attached really quickly,” Isaac said.

“I do a lot of things with children, so I figured working here would be cool,” he explained. Before Isaac worked at Manhattan Youth, he babysat and worked with children at a summer camp and with kids at his church.

Working at the front desk and the service desk in the Great Hall are the main parts of Isaac’s job. He greets customers, picks up phones and sends emails.

Isaac said he likes working with children because, “They’re just really fun to be around.” He continued, smiling, “and they really like me, so…”

Isaac added that he’s excited to see the kids grow over time. He noted, “I’ve only been here three months, but I guess the longer you work here you get to watch them grow too.”

Aside from working with kids, Isaac’s favorite part about working at Manhattan Youth is the staff. He commented, “They’re so energetic; they’re all so fun to be around.” He explained that he and the other staff members, “have interesting conversations every day.”

A friend who also works at Manhattan Youth first told Isaac out about a job opening here.

Isaac grew up in Brooklyn, but went to school in Midtown.

When he isn’t working at Manhattan Youth, Isaac likes to play piano or be active outside. He plays handball, bikes and skateboards. In the summer, he likes to do parkour. Parkour is an outdoor activity where one runs and jumps to get from point A to point B as quickly and creatively as possible. It involves using the urban environment as an obstacle course.

According to Isaac, the most challenging aspect of working at Manhattan Youth are the times when lots of people are coming in and he has to tend to everyone’s needs at the same time.

With that said, he appreciates how the job has strengthened his ability to manage his time better. In his job, Isaac must get a lot done in a short amount of time. He said this taught him, “the most efficient way to deal with everyone and make sure everyone is getting what they want.”

Isaac said, “I dabble in computer science.” He is currently working on a program for Manhattan Youth that will eliminate the need to create break schedules by hand. “Instead of taking a couple of hours to do it by hand it can do it in a couple of seconds.”

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