Nate Andersen & Friends in Concert again — This Friday!

Nate Andersen & Friends are coming back to play another concert this Friday!
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We’re excited to see the band play again, but we’re not the only ones. Below is a testimonial from a community member who was in attendance the last time Nate & friends played at the Community Center:

Tribeca is in for a musical treat 6:30PM on Friday, March 10th at the Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center.

The band, Nate Andersen and Friends, is made up of local musicians who either reside nearby or work at Manhattan Youth. Listening to this local group offers fresh interpretations of American classics like Otis Reading’s “Dock of the Bay” and Jim Morrison’s “Light my Fire.”

Audiences can also expect American Song Book standards such as Frank Sinatra’s “Set ‘em up Joe.” The songs are of another era, but the interpretation is thoroughly current.

Appropriate for all ages, the concert provides a splendid chance to sit with your child and let them watch professional musicians show off their hard work and love for their craft. Or just hang out with a friend listening to professionals do their thing. The artisans are so local that there is the real possibility of bumping into one of the band members in the neighborhood grocery store tomorrow. An added dimension is the intimate community mix of children and adults, teens and seniors together in neighborhood spirit and fun, moving to a “tight” sound.

Tickets are $5 in advance or $10 at the door. Bring your family, tell your friends. After all, it’s not just a dynamite band playing, it’s dynamite community spirit.

Nate Friends Poster (March10)

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