Preschool Prep Summertime

A Mini Camp experience at the Center for ages 2-4

Tuesday, July 5th – Thursday, August 18th

9:00am -11:30pm Daily (2.5 hours)


The 7 week summer mini-camp program for children aged 2 -4 years, focuses on the sunny, splashy and warm themes of summer, and includes open play, sports, art, science, and snack! All activities take place on the C level of the Downtown Community Center in the Activity room.


All children must be comfortable in a separated classroom, as parents and caregivers will not be in the classroom during program.  

Parent or caregiver will be required to stay in the building during the course of the daily program.


You can choose two weeks, all 7 weeks, or anything in between!


For those who wish to add a 30 minute swim lesson per week from 9:00am -9:30am, and then join the class at circle time, you may do so for an additional $365 (one lesson per week for 7 weeks). Parents will change their children and then bring them to the classroom across the hall from the pool, and join for circle time and snack.


Prices per week:

Two Days (T/TH or M/W)                           $220

Three Days (M/W/TH) or (M/T/W)          $280

Four Days (M/T/W/TH)                               $330


Discounted Price for full summer (7 weeks):

Two Days (T/TH or M/W)                           $1400

Three Days (M/W/TH) or (M/T/W)           $1800

Four Days (M/T/W/TH)                               $2200


For more information and an application, email


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