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Spotlight On: Blake, Assistant Director of Membership


Blake is the Assistant Director of Membership at Manhattan Youth. He started out as an After-School Counselor and has been working at Manhattan Youth for eight years.

Blake grew up in Long Island. He started working at Manhattan Youth soon after he graduated from college.

When he first got his job here, he had no idea it would come to mean so much to him. He said, “I knew I needed a job and I started off assomeone needing a job.” However, as he explained, “the experience changed once I got to know the staff, the company and the community.”

Because of this job, Blake learned, “to communicate better and I learned what it’s like to be a parent.” Blake said that through his work helping and communicating with Manhattan Youth members, he has developed an idea of what parents think and worry about.

In his free time, Blake likes to paint and learn new languages. “I speak Spanish fluently, and I’m learning to speak Portuguese and Russian,” he stated.

When I asked Blake his favorite part of working here, Carson, another staff member, jumped in and said, “me, of course!” Blake laughed and replied, “It’s a very supportive place. The staff is very supportive, the community is very supportive,” he explained.

Blake’s biggest inspiration is his parents. “That’s how I was raised,” he explained. He added, “I feel like I live to look after them. To make sure they are okay and to take care of them like they take care of me.”

Bob Townley, Executive Director of Manhattan Youth, comes in second place as Blake’s biggest inspiration. Blake explained that Bob “sees a lot in all of the people who work for him, and he encourages you to pursue finding happiness.”

“He really helps you figure out what you like and what you want to do.” Blake decided what he wanted to do was continue to work at Manhattan Youth. He explained, “I’m happy here, and that’s the most important thing for me right now.”