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Wed, July 29, 2015
Lap Swim (Ends at 9:00 AM)
Family Swim (Ends at 11:00 AM)
MY Tumble Tots (12 - 17 Mths)
Bubble Babies (6 Mths - 2 Yrs)
MY Clubhouse (Ends at 4:30 PM)
MY Tumble Tots (18 - 23 Mths)
Make A Mess: Art & Painting (18 - 30 Mths)
Songs for Seeds (6 Mths - 5 Yrs)
Free Mini Golf @ Pier 25 (Ends at 12:00 PM)
MY Tumble Tots (2 - 3 Yrs)
MY Tumble Tots (12 Mths - 4 Yrs)
Make A Mess: Art & Painting (2.5 - 3.5 Yrs)
Songs for Seeds (6 Mths - 5 Yrs)
Pottery Painting (Ends at 3:00 PM)
Songs for Seeds (6 Mths - 5 Yrs)
Family Swim (Ends at 8:30 PM)
Lap Swim (Ends at 8:30 PM)

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Free Middle School Summer Program
Jul 02, 2015
Our free Middle School Summer Program is getting some love from the local press. Click here for the full story in the BPC Broadsheet.

They write that, "Children participate in a wide variety of programs, from sports and arts and science to film making and theater. Parents and middle school students can choose a different activity for every week in July." We can't wait to start these programs and share the summer with youth from all over New York City.

Click here for more info and to register for the program!

And here are the movies we made during our Spring Break Filmaking Intensive, which were shown during the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Tapioca pudding with caramelized peaches
Jun 25, 2015
Those clear and fun bubbles that you eat when you drink bubble tea are called tapioca pearls. They are the starch from the cassava root and are a staple food in South America and Africa. They are also the main ingredients in this delicious pudding. I chose to pair this pudding with juicy caramelized peaches because they will go well with the pudding and their season is just beginning. Peaches are a stone fruit like apricots and plums. They are member of the rose family and are related to almonds. Georgia is the peach state, but California grows the most in the U.S. The United States provides one quarter of the world peach supply.
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vegetarian corn chowder
Jun 19, 2015
The word “chowder” was invented long before the pilgrims saw Cape Cod. Fishermen from various parts of Europe were fishing around Newfoundland since 1497. They transformed the word “Chaudron”, the pot in which French fishermen made their stews, into the word chowder. Those early chowders were different from our own. Corn is a summer vegetable grown everywhere but Antarctica. U.S. is the biggest producer with 40% of the world harvest.

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