Spotlight On: Marta, Membership Assistant

Marta is the Membership Assistant at Manhattan Youth. She gives tours and communicates with members. “Basically making sure that all of the members are happy,” she said. She has been working at Manhattan Youth for five years.Center_Leadership_Marta

As I interviewed Marta while she worked the front desk, she exchanged hello’s with several members and staff  walking in and out of the building.

At first, Marta was a Manhattan Youth After-School counselor. She explained, “I started with the job because I just really love kids and it worked with my hours at the time.”

Before Marta worked at Manhattan Youth, she was nervous about talking on the phone. When asked what Manhattan Youth has taught her, she said that working here has helped her overcome her phone anxiety.

Sometimes, Marta said, it can get hectic working in the Great Hall. Kids are running around and playing, so it can be difficult to concentrate on work. “Everything’s going on,” she explained.

But for Marta, working here is worth it to be with children. She said, “Kids are so easy to get along with. I feel like I can communicate with them really well, and they just make me very happy.”

Aside from working with kids, Marta likes the atmosphere among members and the staff at Manhattan Youth. “It’s like a big family!” She exclaimed.

Marta grew up in Manhattan. Her biggest inspiration is her mother. “She is very hardworking and she never gives up; she always fights,” stated Marta.

When Marta isn’t working, she likes to paint, read, take photographs and meet with friends.


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