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If you have questions about programming, or to change your child's After-School schedule, please contact the site director at your child's school.

Theseus Roche
Director of After-School Programs
E-mail Theseus
212.766.1104 x225
Constance Tarbox
Director of Elementary After-School Programs
E-mail Constance
212.766.1104 x265
Susan Forrest
Site Director, PS 89
E-mail Susan
212.571.2392 (at program)
Joann Boisseau
Site Director, PS 225
E-mail Joann
212.766.1104 x268 (before 2pm)
646.841.3600 (at program)
Jason Lumpkin
Site Director, PS 234
E-mail Jason
212.766.1104 x239 (before 2pm)
212.385.9864 (at program)
Brad Lewis
Site Director, PS 276
E-mail Brad
212.766.1104 x226 (before 2pm)
646.592.1233 (at program)
Mae-Sue Guery
Site Director, PS 343
E-mail Mae-Sue
212.766.1104 x261 (before 2pm)
646.627.4687 (at program)
Noelle Safar
Site Director, PS 397
E-mail Noelle
212.766.1104 x252 (before 2pm)
917.751.4972 (at program)
Moises Cordero
Site Director, Other Elementary Schools
& the Downtown Community Center

E-mail Moises
212.766.1104 x259

Leyna Madison
Education Director, Downtown Middle Schools
E-mail Leyna
212.766.1104 x205 (before 2pm)
917.565.7745 (at program)
Kim Walden
Education Director, Midtown East Middle Schools
E-mail Kim
212.766.1104 x217 (before 2pm)
917.565.7162 (at program)
Rina Robinson
Education Director, Midtown West Middle Schools
E-mail Rina
212.766.1104 x214 (before 2pm)
917.485.4722 (at program)
Alex Fraiha
Education Director, Uptown Middle Schools
E-mail Alex
212.766.1104 x206 (before 2pm)
646.859.9125 (at program)
Kim Arango
Site Director, IS 276 (Battery Park City)
E-mail Kim
212.766.1104 x209 (before 2pm)
917.565.7249 (at program)
Kevin Doyel
Site Director, IS 189 (Hudson River)
E-mail Kevin
212.766.1104 x208 (before 2pm)
646.306.1205 (at program)
Kimberly Ludwig
Site Director, MS 225 (Salk School of Science)
Email Kimberly
212.766.1104 x215 (before 2pm)
646.859.9116 (at program)
Lucia Rutter
Site Director, MS 422 (Quest to Learn)
E-mail Lucia
212.766.1104 211 (before 2pm)
917.565.7804 (at program)
Nichole Forde
Site Director, IS 225 (Ella Baker)
E-mail Nichole
212.766.1104 x210 (before 2pm)
917.565.7713 (at program)
Kevin Ferrelli
Site Director, MS 408 (PPAS)
E-mail Kevin
212.766.1104 x212 (before 2pm)
646.859.9115 (at program)
Matthew McGlennen
Site Director, MS 114 (ESMS)
E-mail Matthew
212.766.1104 x110 (before 2pm)
917.565.7472 (at program)

Brittany Mejia
Site Director, MS 993 (City Knoll)

E-mail Brittany
212.766.1104 x203 (before 2pm)
646.859.9117 (at program)
Jamie Parganos
Site Director, MS 312 (Lab)
E-mail Jamie
212.766.1104 x201 (before 2pm)
646.859.9114 (at program)
Sean Hopkins
Site Director, MS 245 (Computer School)
E-mail Sean
212.766.1104 x220 (before 2pm)
646.859.9113 (at program)
Rachel Stoker
Site Director, MS 334(Anderson)
E-mail Rachel
212.766.1104 x218 (before 2pm)
646.859.9124 (at program)
Christine Pappas
Site Director, MS 177 (Yorkville East)
E-mail Christine
212.766.1104 x216 (before 2pm)
646.306.2126 (at program)
Rachel Oakes
Site Director, MS 896 (LMC)
E-mail Rachel
212.766.1104 x202 (before 2pm)
917.565.7196 (at program)
Matt Grant
Site Director, JHS 104 (Baruch)

E-mail Matt
646.859.9116 (at program)

Manhattan Youth 

Downtown Community Center
120 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007
P 212.766.1104
F 212.766.3980

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