• 1 How do I sign up?

    Find the link for your child's school on the Middle School Programs landing page.

    On the right sidebar, select "Enroll Now!" and fill out the online form. You will also need to fill out the DYCD Participant Intake Application in it's entirety and digitally sign all signature fields.

    If you or anyone you know cannot complete the application online, paper forms are available at your child's school.

    Online registration usually closes two weeks after the beginning of each season. If registration is closed, and your student is still interested in joining after-school activities, please e-mail the Program Director. 

  • 2 Is my child guaranteed a spot in the program?

    We make every effort to accomodate each child who wants to participate in our program. While we don't place a cap on overall enrollment, individual classes and activities have a size limit. Enrollment in these classes is on a first-come, first-served basis. Our schedule changes three times a year, and students who didn't receive their first choice activities in the fall will have an opportunity to enroll for those classes in the winter and/or spring.  

  • 3 How much does it cost?

    Manhattan Youth's middle school after-school, summer, and vacation camp programs are free to participants thanks to funding from the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).  To learn more about New York City's investment in middle school youth and other family programs, please click here

  • 4 When does enrollment open?

    Fall Enrollment for middle school programs begins in August. Check your child's school landing page for specific trimester and open enrollment dates. 

    Activity selection for the winter and spring trimesters open approximately two weeks before each season. 

  • 5 Is there an enrollment deadline?

    No! All middle school after-school programs have rolling enrollment throughout the year. Students may enroll at any time.

  • 6 Does my child have to attend five days a week?

    No! Parents can customize their after-school schedule, from one day to five days per week, one class to two classes per day, in any configuration.

  • 7 Are there auditions or tryouts?

    Our goal is to ensure that all students who have an interest in an activity have an opportunity to participate.

    Some of our activities, such as competitive sports teams and theater productions, may require auditions or tryouts. As the number of spots in these activities may be limited, we strongly encourage students to select a second choice activity.

  • 8 Does my child need to enroll every year?

    Each school year is a new enrollment period and requires a new DYCD Universal Intake Form. Once a student is enrolled for the year, they are free to choose classes during any of our three seasons (fall, winter, spring).

What We Do

  • 1 What are the dates of after-school?

    After-school runs from the first full week of school in September to the last full week in June. 

  • 2 Is there after-school every day?

    Our programs are open every day that school is in session. Please look for updates from your Program Director on school-specific program closures. 

  • 3 What happens each day in after-school?

    Our comprehensive extracurricular programs include interscholastic sports, school plays, science and math teams, technology workshops, literacy and arts projects, and daily homework support.

    Each day is broken down into three sections: SNACK (around 15 minutes), FIRST SESSION (around 1.5 hours) and SECOND SESSION (around 1.5 hours)

  • 4 Does my child need to attend both activities?

    Students may leave after-school after their first activity with parental permission.

    However, If a student wishes to attend a second-period activity, he or she must attend their first period activity.

    No students can come just for snack. 

  • 5 Is there Homework Help?

    We always have a place for students to do homework, as well as academically enriching classes to support and foster learning in specific content areas.

    Our Study Labs are self-guided and students are expected to know what homework needs to be completed. There is no one-on-one tutoring available. 

  • 6 Who are the teachers and coaches?

    Our teachers and coaches are a mix of school day teachers and professionals in their field. 

  • 7 What if my child is absent or needs to leave early?

    If you know your child will be absent from After-School or needs to leave early on a specific day, please notify the Program Director in advance. Please note, we will notify parents/guardians of their child's daily attendance in our program.  

  • 8 What if my child does not like their activity?

    Students are given a week from the first day of their new classes to change their schedules. If a student wishes to change his/her schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian to the Program Director.

    Students may not simply stop coming to activities.

  • 9 How do know I what’s happening during after-school?

    Programs send out regular email updates. Please subscribe to these emails and make sure the email address is on your list of approved senders. 

  • 10 What happens at the end of after-school each day?

    During the enrollment process, you can choose whether your child must be picked up at the school, or if your child can sign out and go home on her own. 

    Students who have permission to go home on their own are released after signing out from their last activity. Students who have not received permission to go home alone will be supervised by program staff until they are picked up by an approved adult.

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