Manhattan Youth opened our original Pier 25 Snack Bar at Pier 25 in 1995, and the new Pier 25 Snack Bar on today's rebuilt Pier 25 is thoroughly up-to-date and like a dream come true!

We now accept credit/debit card and contactless payment options.


Our menu includes:

  • Delicious ice cream options:
    • Haagen-Dazs bars: vanilla, chocolate or dark chocolate
    • Haagen-Daz mini cups: vanilla, strawberry. or chocolate
    • Bomb Pop popsicles
    • Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Frozefruit: Strawberry or Coconut
    • King Cone


  • An assortment of beverages: 
    • Sodas: coke, diet coke, sprite, gingerale and seltzer
    • Filtered water and boxed water
    • Our famous Pier 25 lemonade


  •  Packaged chips and other snacks:
    • Doritos (cool ranch and nacho)
    • Classic Lays 


  • Three varieties of pizza: plain, pepperoni and veggie


Work up an appetite and enjoy snacks and items to satisfy your sweet tooth. Like all of Manhattan Youth's amenities at Pier 25, the revenue from our Snack Bar supports Manhattan Youth programs, assists families in need, and supports the mission of the Hudson River Park Trust.  Questions? Email

Please follow us @Pier25NYC for updates on operational hours, which can depend on the weather!


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